1970 Plymouth Roadrunner & GTX diecast toys and models

The following pictures show some of the toys that are currently being made that feature the 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and GTX.  Some are plastic models while others are diecast metal models.   Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning are the main "brand-names" of the diecast ones.     

Click on each small picture to get an enlarged picture view.



Monogram 2n1 GTX plastic model kit- in blue


Johnny Lightning
1970 Sports Satellite
red w/black vinyl top
2001 issue


Hot Wheels orange '70 Roadrunner
1998 issue

Hot Wheels 1970 Roadrunner
yellow w/black vinyl top
2002 issue

Motor City Classic
silver 1970 Roadrunner
2002 issue

Johnny Lightning
1970 blue GTX
2002 issue

1970 white hemi Roadrunner
1:43 scale diecast metal
McDonald's version

Denver, CO. police car
1:43 scale metal diecast 1970 GTX

1:43 scale metal diecast
1970 Roadrunner w/go-wing

Hot Wheels World Race Scorchers 1970 Roadrunner  issued 2002

Cop Rods-Jackson, MS
1970 Roadrunner

Japanese issued Hot Wheels
1970 yellow Roadrunner
see picture below for complete view of car and card

Mo-Kan Hot Wheels issue
1970 Roadrunner

Johnny Lightning "white lightning"
version of 1970 FJ5 Roadrunner

Japanese Hot Wheels issue
1970 yellow Roadrunner

Johnny Lightning
1970 FJ5 GTX

Little Debbie version of
1970 Roadrunner

First Shot version of
1970 GTX- blue & silver

1970 green GTX
"White lightning" version

1:43 scale metal diecast1970 GTX
NYC police car version

Revell plastic model kit
1970 440-6bbl. Roadrunner
issued 2001

Hot Wheels Editor's Choice series
1970 purple Roadrunner
out of the package view
see picture to the right for view of complete package

Hot Wheels Editor's Choice series
1970 purple Roadrunner

1:43 scale diecast metal
1970 FJ5 GTX

Dearborn, MI special edition
gold 1970 Roadrunner

Racing Champions 50 years of Nascar Commemorative gold series 1970 Roadrunner

Johnny Lightning 1970 Roadrunner/GTX customizing kit

Johnny Lightning "Ad Rods" 1970 yellow Roadrunner

Matchbox Barrett-Jackson edition 1970 red Roadrunner

Monogram plastic model kit
1970 Plymouth 6bbl GTX

Hot Wheels Motor City Classics
silver 1970 Roadrunner
see close-up picture above

Slot car 1970 GTX body shell

Custom decaled 1970 Roadrunner
"Cal Ripken Jr. #8"

          Johnny Lightning 2001           Holiday Muscle Ornament
gold 1970 Roadrunner

Ames Special Edition Classics
1970 Limegreen Roadrunner

Hot Wheels (2005 edition)
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner
Special paint - red/pink


Hot Wheels "O'Henry"
1970 Roadrunner

GMP Pork Chops
Blown Hemi 1970 Road Runner

JC Whitney '70 Roadrunner

Johnny Lightning
Red 1970 Roadrunner
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1970 Monogram 1:25
2 'n 1 1970 Plymouth GTX kit