1970 GTX Promo Models

The following pictures (below the written text) show examples of the 1970 GTX models in different colors that were given out by dealerships in 1970 to show off the new model year cars. .  Jo-Han made these models for the dealers.   Note that these models came in at least three styles of cardboard boxes, a red, white and blue box, a white box and a brown one.    Currently, these models range in price from under $100 to over $300, depending on the condition of the model and if the box is included.

Note: the following is the text from an article called "Steve's Collectible Corner-remembering Jo-Han Models"by Steve Magnaute about the Jo-Han company found on page 14 of the August 2003 issue of Hotrod . 

If you were building models in the '60s and '70s, you'll remember Jo-Han Models of Detroit.  Sort of the American Motors of the plastic model kit world, Jo-Han played fifth fiddle to AMT, MPC, Monogram, and Revell but still managed to produce some of the best kits in the business.  Pronounced Joe-Han, not Yo-Hawn, the title is an amalgam of company founder John Haenle's name.

Founded in 1947, Jo-Han first offered non-automotive models but by 1955 was contracted with GM and Chrysler to design and produce pre-assembled 1:25-scale dealer promotional models noted for their extremely realistic bodies and trim.  By 1960 Jo-Han had expanded into the blossoming kit market and produced a steady yearly stream of unassembled model kits favoring offbeat subjects like the AMC Marlin, Chrysler Turbine Car, and Olds F-85.  In the late '70s the model kit industry was blindsided by the advent of video games and Jo-Han fell on particularly hard times.  Its final all-new release was a '79 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, sold as a promo or simplified kit (no engine, hood molded shut).

Jo-Han survived the '80s solely on re-releases of its back catalog.  By the early '90s, Haenle sold out.  The company bounced between owners and appeared to be floundering.  Worst of all, much of the steel tooling and master molds for many of Jo-Han's finest kits were lost under mysterious circumstances.  The persistent rumor is that Detroit-area scrap-metal dealers traded unscrupulous, unnamed individuals bottles of booze for the irreplaceable beryllium patterns!

But thanks to model kit enthusiast Okey Spaulding of Covington, Kentucky, Jo-Han appears to be poised for a comeback.  Log onto www.johanmodels.com to see what's planned for the future.  If nothing but vintage styrene suits you, check the offerings on eBay, but save up--this stuff is pricey.    Source: Hotrod August 2003 p. 14


Please click on each picture to enlarge it.

Blue (EB5) GTX w/box

Blue (EB5) GTX w/box

rear passenger view

Blue (EB5) GTX & box

Blue (EB5) 1970 GTX promo

EB5 GTX promo w/white box

tan version of promo model box

Limelight (FJ5) GTX & box

tan version of promo model box

Tor-red (EV2) GTX promo


White GTX promo
Note: "drivers education" decal

Butterscotch 1970 GTX promo
 Note: this color wasn't available on real 1970 GTX

Red 1970 GTX promo in
cellophane wrap

cellophane wrapped GTX promo
Note: side decals included

Butterscotch GTX promo
front driver's side view

Ivy green (EF8) GTX promo
model with white box

Ivy green (EF8) GTX promo
model with white box


Burnt Orange Metallic (FK5)
1970 GTX promo with box

Limelight (FJ5) GTX with
white box

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