Parts References 3: Pictures with factory part numbers

This is page 3 of "Parts References" which will show pictures of parts found on the 1970 Plymouth GTX or Roadrunner with a corresponding factory part number.  This might prove helpful as one tries to obtain that missing part for their car.  Click on each small picture to view enlarged picture.

4spd floor console
1970 had woodgrain on top

4 spd shifter mechanism

727 auto transmission
inspection/ access cover

GTX woodgrain above
the glovebox dash piece
with red GTX emblem

Standard AM radio

ballastic resistor

headlight dimmer switch
carpet bezel

Disc Brake proportioning valve

Chrome exhaust tip hangers

Roadrunner RT headlight grill bezel
pn2998010 or 2998012

complete Roadrunner grill pieces

Roadrunner LH headlight grill bezel
pn2998011 or 2998013

Drivers side trunk repro trunk floor

383 gas filter with Calif. emissions
Note the three nipples

Front bumper rubber guards

Bench seat back release knob

complete accelerator assembly

383 hp gas tank sending unit for 5/16" gas line
NOTE: 440 hp sending unit will have 2 tubes & 3/8" gas line

Hemi/6bbl throttle solenoid

complete hemi motor mounts

hood insert for turn signal option

hood release latch aseembly

kick panel insulation

LH exhaust manifold

manifold heat control assembly

Underdash map light
NOTE: only with light package option

Parking brake signal switch

Pedal dress pieces
NOTE: 1970 brake/clutch piece
does NOT have the center bar

Center Ralleye dash piece
with 4 spd reverse light opening

Roadrunner grill "Plymouth" emblem

Power steering gear box value assembly pn2637997

GTX radio delete faceplate

14" or 15" Ralleye wheels
NOTE: center piece should be light argent silver for 1970
Trim ring is not shown

Ralleye speedometer pn 2857163

Rear window defrost unit

Road wheel center dome decals

automatic brake pedal pad

Clock for NON-Ralleye dash
adjustment knob not shown


4 spd shifter boot bezel

4 spd shifter mounting plate-
bolts to side of transmission

Exhaust pipe/muffler hanger

window crank pieces (2)

airgrabber hood actuator

door jam dome light switch

440/426 muffler

"dog dish" basic hubcap

Ralleye dash oil pressure gauge

Ralleye dash fuel gauge

trunklid & quarter panel          "road"  "runner" stick-on emblem & RT rear extension bird decal

complete seat belt set up

windshield washer reservior pump

383/440/426 HP fan clutch
pn 2806070

under-trunklid reinforcing bracket
for Go-wing
pn 3506474-5

1970 Go-wing

440-4bbl HP intake
pn 2951736

AM/ 8 track stereo radio unit

back window chrome trim clips

bottom of 70 Plymouth B-body center section grill clips- 3 per  grill
(helps keep grill in place)
pn 3443540

front floor bucket seat (only) reinforcement brackets

clock/tach wiring harness
pn 2889394

dash voltage regulator

plastic interior door lock knobs

driver's side thin chrome trim for Satellite/RR/GTX headlight bezel
(2 identical pieces shown in picture)

driver's side lower control arm

front bumper splash shield

front windshield trim clips
ten of clip #1, 14 of clip #2 needed

front center steering link
pn 1858015

front fender brace
Note: bolt broken off in brace on 
right end

pair of hood hinges-all B-bodies

hood safely latch

Remote outside dr. side door mirror
interior adjusting knob bezel

Remote outside dr. side door mirror

AM radio knobs
NOTE: AM/FM knobs slightly different than AM radio knobs

power top / rear defogger switch
Note: just rotate switch unit around under dash to use for other purpose

4 speed reverse indicator dash light

reverse lock linkage dr. side frame bracket

trunk latch mechanism

turn signal lever

Hood mounted turn signal bulbs    pn 2535879

under-steering wheel dash cover
Note: RR/GTX cover pn2984717 is
NOT the same shape or size as the Satellite/Sport Satellite one shown in picture above which is pn2984713

woodgrain instrument cluster end caps
pn 2927870-1
picture shows RH or pass. side part

woodgrain steering wheel center horn pad (shown with Dodge center emblem-not the Plymouth one)

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