Parts References: Pictures with factory part numbers

This page will give pictures of parts found on the 1970 Plymouth GTX or Roadrunner with a corresponding factory part number.  This might prove helpful as one tries to obtain that missing part for their car.  Click on each small picture to view enlarged picture    

airgrabber switch
pn 2947776

Jack assembly
hook pn 2931103

airgrabber vacuum canister
pn 3420851

airgrabber solenoid

6pak dual point distributor cap
pn 25850000

440 hood insert name plate
pn 2998657

440-4bbl carb solenoid

Reverse lock linkage rod swivel

Roadrunner instrument bezel
pn 2984775

 hood turn signal (RH shown)
pn 3403662 (RH)
pn 3403663 (LH)

oil breather cap
pn 3462093

auto trans linkage bracket

starter relay
pn 2444442

horn relay
pn 2983607

4 speed pistol grip shifter
 non-console type

4 speed linkage rods
reverse rod (center ) has special double nipple swivel in 1970 for reverse lock linkage rod

distributor vacuum control
pn 3514330

auto trans reverse switch
pn 2932820

correct style hose clamps

driver's side frame Z bar bracket

left key-ignition & doors
right key-trunk & glove box

cast-iron 6 pak intake
pn 2946275 & 2946276

woodgrain AM/8 track radio faceplate
pn 2984442

master brake cylinder

bucket seat latch release connector
pn 3454001

clutch starter switch
pn 2947857

console door lock & release
pn 3454987

Roadrunner radio delete faceplate

WOM trim screws w/beeswax

radiator pressure cap

quarter panel GTX emblems
pn 2842330

complete body plugs

RH front fender chrome trim
pn 3443108-9

woodgrain 4 spd console overlay

11x3 brake drum

A/C control valve

Airgrabber actuator spring

chrome exhaust "trumpets" tips
pn 2883826

chrome clock adjusting knob

Dana rear pinion snubber
NOTE: 3 bolt attaching holes
8 3/4" snubber has only 2 holes

Dana 60 rearend

driver's side hemi motor mount

7 bladed fan w/out fan clutch

fan blower switch

heater control assembly

buddy seat floor mounting brackets
these pieces still have part of the floor section attached to them

gas cap pn2925697

outside mirror (manual)
fits BOTH doors

outside remote dr. side (only) mirror

"Plain Jane" coupe only
1970 Roadrunner steering wheel

A833 throw-out bearing
pn 2405077

4spd tunnel

6bbl damper

7 blade fan w/clutch

9" front arm rest pads

14" Road (Magnum) wheels

1970 B-body auto console

Ralleye dash framework

383 Roadrunner hood engine call-out insert pn2998658

complete 8 3/4" rear end

airgrabber switch knob


airgrabber hood (top view)
missing the door

underside view of the 1970
airgrabber hood-includes
the airbox and actuator
and front flap

complete rubber body bumper set

turn signal switch

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