GMP is back in business making 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner/GTX models starting in August 2015

To purchase any new models one can contact GMP at:  ACME Trading Co., 37 Polite Road, Winder, GA 30680.   Phone number is: 678-975-3093 or call toll free at: 1-888-209-2263.  Their website is:




The first GMP model for 2015 is a hemi powered 4 speed 1970 Roadrunner painted in Corporate Blue, more commonly referred to as Petty Blue.  Stock # 18801  issued in August 2015 for $169.95.   It is currently out of stock with 1548 being produced. 




The second release by GMP is the Tom's Garage version of the "Petty Blue" Roadrunner model featuring the hemi engine and 4 speed transmission.   Special to this model are the white 426 C.I. hood decal and the white quarter panel "Plymouth" decal as well as only 143 being produced.  Each model came with a letter of authenticity.


This model was only available to Tom's Garage key holders.  Stock #18801TG and released in Sept. 2015 with 143 produced.  Cost was $189.95.  This model is now out of stock. 


An "in-violet" purple 1970 Roadrunner convertible with the rare 440-6bbl engine (only 34 were actually built for the 1970 model year) is GMP's 3rd offering.  



This model's stock # 18810 and this model is scheduled to be released in Dec. 2015.  Pre-order cost is $169.97.