Thinking of buying a 1970 GTX?

Check with me on the car's history before you buy!

Are you planning to buy a 1970 GTX? I might be able to provide you some background info on the car you are thinking about purchasing. Contact me at The reason you might want to do this is, is that there are 1970 GTXs advertised that are not what they are listed. I have come across a number of reproduction fender tags that have codes on them that are were never put on a factory tag. I also have come across at least two bogus buildsheets.

Several years ago a person called me registering a 1970 GTX he had purchased. It was a nicely restored 4 speed. However when he gave me the car's vin I had documentation (copy of the fendertag) that the car had started its life as an automatic. Upon closer inspection by the current owner, it was discovered a previous owner had converted it to a 4 speed (incorrectly using a 23 spline instead of the correct 18 spline) and then had a new fender tag made, adding several options. The car was then sold as an original 4 speed car.

Recently I had a person contact me about registering his 1970 GTX he had just purchased on ebay which listed it as an original 4 speed with matching numbers engine. My database showed it to be an original automatic with AC. (No 440 GTXs could be ordered with the 4 speed and AC). I had a copy of the original fender tag and also a letter from a seller in 1999 saying the motor was from a 1969 GTX. A previous owner had left the AC firewall and interior dash but had switched the transmission to a 4 speed. Of course the current owner was very unhappy that the ebay seller had sold a car that was NOT what was advertised.

You may contact me at: and I will look up the 1970 GTX's vin you are considering buying in my database. I will let you know what history I have on the car. There is no charge for this service.