1970 Plymouth GTX
1/18th model NOW available

Many of us 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and GTX owners have been wondering when someone will make a 1/24 or 1/18 scale model of our cars. 1969 and 1971 model year cars have been created but why not 1970?

Around 2004 John McBride of GMP Diecasts contacted me to ask if I would help him in a project he was working on - creating a very detailed 1/18th scale 1970 Plymouth GTX and Roadrunner model. As project manager, John didn't have to twist my arm to serve as a consultant on this project.

Now after 2 years, and many emails and phone calls between John and myself as well as tons of work by John, himself, GMP has available to the public an awesome 1/18th scale FK5 (burnt orange metallic) colored 1970 GTX featuring the 440 with the 6 barrel carburation. The following is a list of the two versions of the 1970 Plymouth GTX that GMP is offering and what one will get by ordering one. The first model will be a limited edition with 2508 made. The cost of this model will be $139. It will feature:

The other 1/18th scale 1970 GTX model being offered is the "Tom's Garage Edition" with only 350 being produced. This model will be offered only to "Tom's Garage" members who can purchase a maximum of 2 models each. This car will be basically the same as the above mentioned one except for the following additions:

Below are some closeup photos of the options on the standard 1970 GTX model, not the Tom's Garage limited edition.

Mopar Muscle magazine in their July 2006 issue called the GMP 1/18th 1970 Plymouth GTX model "almost better than the real thing". Below is a copy of that article.