1/25th and 1/18th scale model cars with actual working lights


I always thought it would be cool to have actual working lights on some of the models that I have. I didn't realize someone was doing that until this last December, 2010 I purchased a 1/25th scale orange 1970 GTX model on ebay with lights. After receiving the model I contacted the seller to see if he would do a 1/18th GMP 1970 GTX model. He said he would be happy to give it a try. I told him I would like both headlights, the front turn signals in the bumper, the taillights, the reverse lights and the four side marker lights functional. I also wanted the correct color of lights as the front turn signals were amber colored bulbs, while the front side markers were also amber and the rear side marker lights were red. He told me he could do it and how much it would cost so I mailed off the model to him. In the below video #1 you will see how it turned out. Video #2 video below shows the 1/25th scale GTX model with both headlights and taillights working. The master illuminator's name is Philip Ashley from Kentucky. If anyone else would like to have their models illuminated email Philip at: <Hayabusa@insightbb.com> for a price quote. I'm very pleased with the quality of work on my models. You can go on YouTube, search for username "01BlueBusa" and see many more videos of other models Philip has completed.

Video #1 Custom 1:18 scale 1970 Plymouth GTX from GMP with working LED lighting!


Video #2 Custom 1:25 Scale Maisto 1970 Plymouth GTX w/ LED Lighting