Brother's 1970 GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX 440-4bbl, 4 speed, one of 1471 made that year. This EV2 colored 1970 440-4bbl 4 speed GTX was purchased from its 4th owner in 1988. After going through my county Motor Vehicle Dept., I was able to obtain past titles including a copy of the original title held by Jim | Earp Chrysler Plymouth of Omaha, where the car was sold in December of 1970 for $3184.20

After +150,000 miles, the GTX still possesses its original 440 motor and 18 spline (Hemi) transmission along with the 3.54 geared Dana rear axle. The car came equipped with the airgrabber hood, console, AM radio, track pak and light package. Options added later but available on the 1970 GTX were the clock and tach, passenger side door mirror, hood performance paint treatment, and hood pins.

The motor was rebuild several years ago by Wilson Motor Co. of Anthon, Iowa. A former owner had a valve break but fortunately no block damage resulted. A piston and bent rod were replaced during the rebuild. New radial tires were put on the factory 14" Road wheels and a complete front end suspension rebuild now makes the car roll down the highway very smoothly.

The body of the GTX is patiently waiting for a restoration. Earlier body work is coming undone probably due to the harsh Iowa winters it has suffered through for +30 years. Recently the lower rocker panels and quarters and fenders were painted black to help camouflage rust holes in these areas. This GTX now resides with my brother, helping him bring back happy memories of earlier years with his first car, a FC7 1970 Challenger SE, which he sold a number of years ago.

The broadcast sheet, found in the back seat springs, was decoded by Galen Govier.