1967-711964-71 383-440 valve cover reference guide with pictures

I have had numerous inquiries about what valve covers are correct for their 1970 GTX. Mother Mopar changed the style, for the most part, each year they made a car during the 1960's and 70's. When checking on ebay or at a swap meet, it can be quite confusing unless you have a reference picture to determine what is correct for your car. Thanks now to AMD (Auto Metal Direct) one can buy new exact reproduction small and big block valve covers for a number of years in the 1960's and 70's. In 2011 AMD started offering these valve covers to the public. Scroll down below this text to see photos of 1964 through 1971 big block valve covers and you will notice differences in most of these eight years. Also note that big block valve covers are for 383 and 440 engine only and the valve covers are the same for either engine size. The reason both 383 and 440 engines used the same valve covers was that both engines used the same cylinder head for that year. In fact from 1968-70 both the 383 and 440 engines used the same #2843906 heads.

I would like to thank AMD for allowing me to use their photos of the valve covers for this page. If you are needing valve covers contact Mike Gray at AMD, 940 Sherwin Parkway, Suite 180, Buford, GA 20518. AMD's phone number is: 1-866-591-8309. Their website is located at: www.autometaldirect.com or email Mike at: mike@autometaldirect.com. All pairs of 1964-71 big block valve covers are priced at $199.95. Mike also told me AMD will soon be offering valve cover accessories including gaskets, grommets, bolts, oil caps, etc.


1964-65 big block valve covers

1966-67 big block valve covers

1968 big block valve covers

1969 big block valve covers

1970 big block valve covers

1971 big block valve covers